Lorraine K. Lee | Top virtual keynote speaker | Consultant | Instructor at LinkedIn Learning, Stanford Continuing Studies

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Featured in Times Square for my work helping professionals supercharge their professional presence.

Featured as an Inspiring Keynote Speaker for All American Speakers Bureau’s Powerful Female Voices series for Women’s History Month.

May 2023

One of the first 30 selected “nanolearning” instructors. Launched “How to Run Efficient Hybrid Meetings Nano Tips.” 

Fall 2022 

Selected as a LinkedIn Learning instructor for the course “Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Essentials.” Only 2,500 instructors worldwide.

Fall 2021 

Named a top virtual speaker alongside other business leaders including WSJ best-selling author Nir Eyal and Salesforce Growth Evangelist Tiffani Bova. 

May 2021

Invited judge for the Women in Content Marketing Awards 2022. Judged categories “Content Marketer of the Year” and “Rising Star.”

August 2022

Selected as an instructor for the 3rd cohort of Maven’s course accelerator (150 instructors selected out of 2,000+ applicants). Maven is a platform where creators teach cohort-based courses. It was founded by Udemy co-founder Gagan Biyani and altMBA co-founder Wes Kao.

Fall 2021

Finalist for the 2021 Women in Content Marketing Awards for “Content Marketer of the Year” out of hundreds of applicants. Awards co-presented by Content Marketing Institute and Masthead Media. 

September 2020

Finalist for the 2022 Women Tech Global Conference Speaker Award.

The WomenTech Speaker of the Year Award recognizes annually up to five honorees for their contributions as a speaker and support in uniting 100,000 women in tech worldwide.

December 2022

Invited member of Northwestern’s Council of 100, an invite-only, volunteer-driven organization that supports Northwestern women and non-binary people throughout their careers.

One of 11 Associate Members out of a total member base of 163*. The maximum number of Associate Members (age 35 and under) is 30. Served as the Communications Co-Chair on the C100 Executive Committee from Sept. ’21-’23.

As of April 2021

Criteria for membership includes:

➥ Unusually fast career pathway

➥ High position relative to the size and stature of the organization

➥ Difficult/unusual professional accomplishment

➥ Innovation or thought leadership

➥ Award-winning or peer recognition in area of expertise

➥ Leadership in supporting the advancement of women and non-binary people

➥ Commitment to mentoring others and supporting Northwestern University