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How To Leverage LinkedIn

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A Former LinkedIn Editor Shares Her Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices

This is the Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn - made just for you!

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Leveraging LinkedIn with Lorraine K. Lee:
A Comprehensive Guide.

I’m Lorraine Lee and I’ve designed this course for you – the busy professional who wants to be seen and heard on LinkedIn but isn’t sure where to start.

This isn’t your average, dry e-book with repetitive content and a bunch of buzzwords. It’s the culmination of my experience from working 6 years as a LinkedIn Editor, and now as a Learning Instructor, teaching hundreds of thousands of people how to leverage and build a presence online that makes you more recognized, influential, successful, and empowered.

With 40+ pages of content including actionable tips, real-world examples of people like you building the career of their dreams, and best practices for posting content – this course guarantees results.

Everyone knows that first impressions matter for job seekers. So why do so many people not know how to make a good one?

Follow my comprehensive LinkedIn guide to make an excellent first – and lasting – impression!

Hi! I’m Lorraine.

I have a lot of experience with LinkedIn. In fact, I got my job at LinkedIn because of my LinkedIn presence. I met someone who would be the Chief of Staff to then-CEO, Jeff Weiner. He was so impressed by my profile he immediately passed it on to the hiring manager at SlideShare (which LinkedIn owned at the time).

It was my dream to work at LinkedIn, and I was ecstatic when I got IN! That led to a wonderful 6-year stint as an editor. Afterwards I became a LinkedIn Learning Instructor of multiple popular courses. Over the years, I’ve built a following of 300,000+ professionals and have garnered 10M+ views!

So follow my expert tips and advice to make sure you stand out on the platform, land that dream job, impress your prospects, find your next speaking gig, and more!

What’s Included

  • Actionable tips to optimize your profile so you’re more likely to be found and receive new opportunities.
  • Best practices for posting content on LinkedIn to get recruiters’ attention on LinkedIn.
  • Strategies for expanding your network in an authentic way.
  • And much more!

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What You'll Learn

Section 1

Optimize Your Profile

Section 2

Grow Your Thought Leadership

Section 3

Connect and Engage

Section 4

Bonus Unconventional Tips

Ready to Learn With Me?

I’ve taught 180,000+ students and published more than 10 LinkedIn Learning courses on a range of career, management, and leadership topics. 

But you don’t need to take all those to master your online presence – grab The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for easy-to-follow instructions. 

This comprehensive 40-page guide has everything you need to know about LinkedIn, from profile optimization and recommendations to content creation and expanding your network — all packaged into a reader-friendly format which you can follow from the comfort of your home.

Psst… Here’s a Sneak Peek
of What You Can Expect
From This Guide!

Optimize Your Profile

When people want to learn more about you – recruiters, potential clients & buyers – your LinkedIn profile is the first place they’ll look. 

I’ll help you create an all-star profile that sets the foundation to enhance your presence on LinkedIn.

Grow Your Thought Leadership

You want people to take one look at your profile – and know you’re the real deal!

That’s where I come in with ideas for creating organic content that’s engaging and easy-to-follow.

You’ll also get access to my favorite templates and post structures.

Connect & Engage

LinkedIn shouldn’t be a digital rolodex of people you’ve already met. The best opportunities come from interacting with new people (and I speak from experience!).

Use my pre-written messages and lesser-known strategies to get your requests accepted — and start building new relationships right away.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get With
This Guide

  • 40+ Pages of Reader-Friendly and Engaging Content
  • 3 Top Tips That Will Transform Your Profile
  • A Bonus Section With Unconventional Tips to Make You Stand Out
  • Organic Content Creation Ideas That Guarantee Engagement
  • Real-World Examples From Myself And Other LinkedIn Members
  • Loved by 90+ LinkedIn users!❤️

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Lorraine provided me with personal coaching on my LinkedIn profile. She gave me specific tips on which choice of words would stand out and how my profile could be more unique and compelling compared to others in my field. It was very helpful! She also helped me with my presence on LinkedIn and with helping me make connections on the platform. I now post regularly and feel comfortable sharing my knowledge so that I can connect with my target audience.


Lorraine’s LinkedIn presence coaching provided me with a clear roadmap on how I wanted my LinkedIn personal brand to be defined through her insightful and reflective questions. She dives deep into critical elements of LinkedIn and ensures that you are thoughtful and intentional with what you are putting up on your profile by giving you direct, honest feedback/suggestions. Without her support, I certainly wouldn’t have had a better refined LinkedIn presence!


After one coaching session with Lorraine, I walked away with useful techniques to improve my remote presence – techniques that I put into action immediately. My business has increasingly become more remote in the last few years, and Lorraine’s lessons made an instant impact on my virtual presence with employees and clients. Lorraine coached me on how to improve my LinkedIn presence with easy-to-digest suggestions and action items.


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