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Lorraine K. Lee

Stand Out and Supercharge Your Professional Presence

Named a Top Virtual Keynote Speaker | Trusted by Fortune 500

Lorraine K. Lee

Stand Out and Supercharge Your Professional Presence

Named a Top Virtual Keynote Speaker | Trusted by Fortune 500

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Lorraine is a top-rated global virtual speaker and has availability for limited in-person sessions. Don’t miss the chance to help your team become more recognized, empowered, influential, and successful.

Upskilling is key to employee retention and happiness. Bring impactful sessions to your team on topics including LinkedIn, video communications, meeting facilitation, and more.

Lorraine is an instructor at LinkedIn Learning (10+ courses) and Stanford Continuing Studies. Watch her courses and gain valuable career and leadership skills you can immediately implement. 

Let’s partner to create tailored solutions to build your LinkedIn thought leadership content strategy, create a meeting culture that employees don’t dread, and more. 

Looking to stand out and captivate your audience’s attention during your next presentation? Look no further than with a custom Prezi presentation that is guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd.

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Actionable, practical, and engaging are just a few of the words commonly used to describe my sessions.

I cover a range of topics, from how to build influence and lead remote teams that thrive to how to build your LinkedIn visibility and lead better meetings. 

Ultimately, it all boils down to teaching you how to supercharge your professional presence so that your organization and teams can become more recognized, influential, successful, and empowered.

I’ve worked with companies including Zoom, Cisco, McKinsey and Company, LinkedIn, and GitLab.

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Lorraine has a speaker rating of 4.87/5, 98% said they found the session valuable, 

and 100% said they learned something new (2023)

Want to Upskill Your Team?

Whether you’re looking to boost team motivation and morale or support an already high-performing and happy team, training has a number of proven benefits including improved productivity, happier teams, and higher retention rates. 

Popular sessions include How To Supercharge Your LinkedIn Presence and Essential Video Communication Skills for Today’s Workplace (initially launched with Stanford Continuing Studies). 

Ready To Learn From Lorraine?

I’ve taught more than 100,000+ students and published more than 10 LinkedIn Learning courses on a range of career, management, and leadership topics. 

A few of my most popular courses include:


Lorraine is a fantastic speaker who has given two TED Talk-caliber sessions at Cisco. Her talks have been some of the most popular among our group. Her presentations are dynamic, interactive, and filled with real-life examples that resonated with our team members.

I enthusiastically recommend Lorraine as a speaker and presenter to any organization. We hope to have her back again at Cisco soon!
Jason Riddle
Lorraine Lee is a phenomenal speaker. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing her on the PowerToFly Chat & Learn program where she demonstrated her expertise in video production and video presentation.

Lorraine blends professionalism with authentic storytelling, encouraging her audience to be comfortable and confident in the virtual space. She has always been so willing to collaborate and connect.
Lorraine did a tremendous job presenting at TWE's Tech Fair using Prezi. She upskilled the team on how we can overcome "Zoom Fatigue" and build virtual influence to better engage with our stakeholders.

Our team members were amazed at the quality of the content. Some stated they could not believe she was presenting live due to how professional she spoke and how interactive the slide contents were.
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