Lorraine K. Lee | Top virtual keynote speaker | Consultant | Instructor at LinkedIn Learning, Stanford Continuing Studies

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Featured In

 Named a 2020 top virtual speaker alongside business leaders including WSJ best-selling author Nir Eyal

asbn Interview

Featured guest on America’s Small Business Network, one of the country’s top multi-media publishing platforms designed for and by entrepreneurs and available to over 70 million households. Streaming on Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV.

Doers and Dreamers

Featured in Doers and Dreamers book, a collection of insights from 150 leading entrepreneurs, marketers, and leaders who share how to create more impact in business. Others featured include WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky, and marketing guru Seth Godin.

Guest Interviews

Featured guest on LinkedIn’s Get Hired LinkedIn Live show, which focuses on helping people live better lives by teaching them how to find work that aligns with their interests, values, and needs.

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February 2024

Featured on The Anonymous Marketer podcast: What to Do When Your Company Pushes Back on You Building Your Personal Brand. Hosted by Buffer’s Kirsti Lang

January 2024

Featured on CareerTalks: Essential Video Communication Skills For 2024Hosted by Orlando Haynes.

January 2024

Featured on The Future of TeamworkEmpowering Teams and Professionals in the Digital Age. Hosted by Dane Groeneveld.

January 2024

Lorraine's been on the other side of the camera, too! Check out her interviews with other prominent business leaders below.

An interview with Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Clinton.

An interview with Esther Wojcicki, the mom of YouTube’s CEO and 23andMe’s CEO. She’s also a journalist, educator, and vice chair of the Creative Commons advisory council.