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Featured LinkedIn Live session with Marna Schwartz: 5 LinkedIn Strategies to Supercharge Your Career and Make You Irreplaceable.

June 2023

      Featured guest on LinkedIn’s Get Hired LinkedIn Live show, which focuses on helping people live better lives by teaching them how to find work that aligns with their interests, values, and needs. 

April 2023

      Featured “Alumni Spotlight” on LinkedIn’s Alumni Network (requires an account to access). 

April 2023

      Featured guest on Camo’s “Camo Classroom” series for the episode, “How to Look Great in Remote Meetings.”

April 2023

      Invited guest on LinkedIn’s Get Hired Podcast, a show focused on helping people live better lives by teaching them how to find work that aligns with their interests, values, and needs. | Podcast | Article | LinkedIn News post | 

April 2023

      Invited guest on Virtual Space Hero, a show focused on people and organizations who do great things… in the virtual space!

April 2023 

      Invited guest on CareerTALKS podcast, a show focused on providing relevant and actionable advice to help professionals grow in their career and personal development. My segment was titled, “How to Make Your Presence Known on LinkedIn” and was also streamed on LinkedIn Live. 

January 2023

      Invited guest on National Urban League’s Digital Career Success series for its Black History Month Virtual Career Fair. My segment was titled, “LinkedIn Labs.”

February 2023

      Invited guest on Training Business podcast, which gives advice and tips to sales coaches/trainers on how to better run their business, get more clients and improve themselves Roughly 3,000 listeners each week. See the article here.

November 2022

      Invited guest on the Midlife Fulfilled Podcast, a resource for men and women in their 30s to 70s to help discover ways to find fulfillment in life. Other guests include best-selling author Dan Pink and marketing experts Robert Rose and Tamara Schenk. See the newsletter article here.

December 2022

Invited guest on Kim Kaupe’s “Coffee with Kim.” Kim is an entrepreneur who received funding from Shark Tank, a speaker, and fellow LinkedIn Learning Instructor.

August 2022

      Invited guest on Cloudflare TV’s “Yes We Can,” which highlights women leaders in technology. Hosted by Cloudflare COO and co-founder Michelle Zatlyn.

September 2021

Invited guest on “Inside Scoop,” hosted by LinkedIn Learning Instructor Paula Rizzo | Blog post

April 2022

Invited guest on “Dare to Differentiate,” hosted by LinkedIn Learning Instructor and career coach Diana YK Chan

June 2022

Repeat guest on PowerToFly’s Chat & Learn series. Registration page here.

March 2022

Invited guest on iTech Media’s Work Your Way podcast. Selected as one of the first 10 guests to join.

April 2022

Featured guest #201: How to stand out on video. Hosted by David Nebinski, a founding coach for learning platform Maven and an inaugural coach in The Podcasting Workshop, a workshop created by Seth Godin and Alexandra DiPalma.

February 2022

First-ever guest on “Dare to Differentiate’s” AAPI series, hosted by LinkedIn Learning Instructor and career coach Diana YK Chan | Delivering effective virtual presentations

May 2021

    Featured guest on #ACupOfJoe, a LinkedIn Live podcast targeting APAC marketers | February 2021

10th most watched B2B Marketing Asia Podcast in 2022

Panel for Remote-how’s Remote Future Summit 2020: How to build healthy habits that stick,” here | See my LinkedIn post with audience feedback. | September 2020

Lorraine's been on the other side of the camera, too! Check out her interviews with other prominent business leaders below.

An interview with Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Clinton.

An interview with Esther Wojcicki, the mom of YouTube’s CEO and 23andMe’s CEO. She’s also a journalist, educator, and vice chair of the Creative Commons advisory council.