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How to Speak So Others Will Listen Nano Tips

Welcome to our Nano Tips series, where LinkedIn Learning creators deliver impactful lessons in literally seconds. In this course, top-rated virtual keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant, Lorraine Lee shares tips on how to be an engaging speaker. Want to speak in a way that will make others listen? Join Lorraine as she explains how to prepare your ideas before you speak, how to vary your tone of voice to communicate more effectively, and how to stop rambling and get to the point so you don’t lose your audience. Learn the value of a short story to hook your audience, how to speak with empathy, and, importantly, what to avoid when you speak.

Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Essentials

Recommended must-watch course at organizations including Thomson Reuters, Texas A&M University, RPG Consulting, and McGill University.

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Nano Tips for Delegating as a Manager with Lorraine Lee

Nano Tips for Leading with Positivity with Lorraine Lee

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What Students Are Saying

As someone whom Lorraine managed, I can vouch for these nanotips. 😊 Not only did I feel genuine support from Lorraine, but I also felt the power of her celebration of our work as a team that engrained the belief that when one of our team members wins, but the whole team also wins!


I’ve always admired her work during her time at LinkedIn and this course is just as good. It includes tips for making sure introverts are heard or have ways to give feedback, keeping remote employees engaged during hybrid meetings and an amazing idea for those meetings that don’t require team input - Asynchronous videos. Great ideas in a short time. Check it out!

Nicole H.

This is a very clear presentation and a reminder of why it is so important to get virtual or hybrid meetings/content communications right. To be fully inclusive, it is critical to understand the dynamics of how teams are affected, are recognized or can contribute to team goals. Having the best meeting preparation on virtual platforms is more important than we realize.

Elisa C.

So many teams have simply transitioned their in-person meetings to virtual ones, but this course offers ways to alleviate meeting boredom and better use the tools on hand to truly engage each other in a virtual setting.

Jennifer c.

Fantastic course on a great topic! The videos are clear and actionable for those who want to transform to a hybrid workplace model seamlessly.


I was introduced to Lorraine in a free webinar about optimizing virtual meetings and this is so relevant and valuable - more than ever before! Share this with your managers and your teams to learn how to host better meetings.