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I’ve helped employees from Fortune 100 companies and startups, including those from Zoom, Hilton, Cisco, and more. I’d love to help you get one step closer to your goals, too.


Create the perfect video set up so that you can make the best impression possible with clients, peers, and partners. I often get asked if my background is virtual (it’s not!). I’ve spoken about video presence to companies including GitLab, Hilton, and more.


Get a LinkedIn profile audit and assessment to see if your LinkedIn presence is optimized to passively and actively find leads and opportunities. I’ve built a following of 300,000+ followers on LinkedIn and receive DMs daily with new opportunities thanks to my optimized presence.


Get feedback on an upcoming presentation. I’m a top-rated speaker who has spoken to thousands around the world about how to give better presentations. 100% say they’ve learned something new.


➤ Discuss ways you can be heard in meetings and to stop others from speaking over you. I’m a LinkedIn Learning Instructor for two popular courses about meetings, and I authored Prezi’s Meeting Guidebook, which has been downloaded thousands of times.


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What Clients Are Saying

I’ve always admired her work during her time at LinkedIn and this course is just as good. It includes tips for making sure introverts are heard or have ways to give feedback, keeping remote employees engaged during hybrid meetings and an amazing idea for those meetings that don’t require team input - Asynchronous videos. Great ideas in a short time. Check it out!

Nicole H.

This is a very clear presentation and a reminder of why it is so important to get virtual or hybrid meetings/content communications right. To be fully inclusive, it is critical to understand the dynamics of how teams are affected, are recognized or can contribute to team goals. Having the best meeting preparation on virtual platforms is more important than we realize.

Elisa C.

So many teams have simply transitioned their in-person meetings to virtual ones, but this course offers ways to alleviate meeting boredom and better use the tools on hand to truly engage each other in a virtual setting.

Jennifer c.

Fantastic course on a great topic! The videos are clear and actionable for those who want to transform to a hybrid workplace model seamlessly.


I was introduced to Lorraine in a free webinar about optimizing virtual meetings and this is so relevant and valuable - more than ever before! Share this with your managers and your teams to learn how to host better meetings.