Lorraine K. Lee | Top virtual keynote speaker | Consultant | Instructor at LinkedIn Learning, Stanford Continuing Studies

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Get personalized support from Lorraine for your C-Suite, team, or organization on a wide range of topics.

Create a LinkedIn strategy for your C-Suite and executive leadership team to build out their thought leadership and executive presence. With a proper LinkedIn strategy in place, your team can see benefits such as more speaking engagements, press, and industry visibility. Move beyond the profile (although that’s still important, too), and build a content strategy that gets you seen.

Tap into Lorraine’s 10+ years of experience at the intersection of editorial and tech to build a content strategy that builds brand favorability and awareness organically. Lorraine has led editorial teams at companies including LinkedIn, SlideShare, and Prezi.

Collaborate with Lorraine to create Prezi presentations that will help you stand out in-person and virtually — all while capturing audience attention, from board members and employees to prospects and decision-makers.

Lorraine is the creator of two popular LinkedIn Learning courses about how to have better virtual and hybrid meetings (more than 30,000+ learners), and is the author of Prezi’s Meeting Guidebook, which has seen thousands of organic downloads. Lorraine has shared her expertise on how to have better meetings with companies including Zoom and Cisco.

Looking to conquer a fear greater than death? Train your executives and leaders to speak with confidence and connect with their audience virtually whether they’re speaking at an all-hands meeting, giving a board update, or pitching their startup.

Client Testimonials

Two years ago, I received a federal grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to create a program to alleviate the emotional distress associated with unemployment. Although I had a strong vision and desire to help a lot of people, I had a limited budget and was overwhelmed by the notion of creating a visually appealing and content rich online product. Throughout the entire process of developing the DRIVEN prototype, Lorraine has been an instrumental force of wisdom and guidance on everything from working with Prezi software to ensuring our actors were positioned effectively in front of the right type of webcams and lighting. She is endlessly patient, generous, and thorough, and I'm so very lucky to count her as a part of the DRIVEN team today and hopefully in the future as the program evolves.

Alex levit, Workforce Futurist, WSJ Columnist, Int'l Bestselling Author

I reached out to Lorraine because my team and I were brainstorming how to build our company's LinkedIn presence, and she has a proven track record of building brand presence on LinkedIn from the ground-up. In our call, Lorraine was able to walk me through the foundations of where to get started. Our conversation was a great jumping off point, and she was able to guide me to focus on some approaches to maximize ROI of our limited time and resources.



For ambitious, career-driven professionals who…

➤ Know where they want to go but are having trouble figuring out the tactical steps to make it a reality.

➤ Feel unnoticed by senior leaders and peers.

➤ Want to stop fading into the background of their careers.

➤ Want to grow beyond their job title and build their presence outside of office walls. 

➤ Love to learn and internalize new skills that help you stand out.


What Students Are Saying

"Within a short time after implementing Lorraine's teachings, I reaped benefits immediately and received the following feedback in my workplace:
-"It's been awhile since I've been in a productive meeting" (Meeting rating score: 4.5/5)
-"Looking forward to the next meeting."
-"I commend you on your delivery!"

Putera Camaro

"Not only did she help me understand the importance of how having better meetings can impact productivity and building a LinkedIn presence, she's also extremely thoughtful and intentional about the live coaching sessions. I felt that she had a strong desire to help the students succeed. So I definitely recommend taking the course."

Vivian Lo

"Since I followed the course, it is always on the back of my mind now. I find myself regularly saying: "Well, I followed this course by Lorraine, and she taught me..." The course gave me several insights in how I prepare and execute online meetings, how I use feedback and how I use LinkedIn to create engagement."

Renske Zuurveen

The most valuable parts were: improving your LinkedIn profile and the setup to make your video more professional for meetings over Zoom/MS Teams. For future students, I would say: there's a lot to absorb. Don't feel like you have to deploy everything at once but do make a constant effort to implement the suggestions that Lorraine gives.