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FROM THE ARCHIVE: Avoid This Résumé Trap

I fell into a common résumé trap the other day

I tried to add every single important thing I did in my last role.

After leaving any role (whether through a layoff or otherwise), it’s natural to want to highlight your impact because everything you did was important, right? But realistically, you need to highlight only a few key accomplishments that are most relevant to what you want to do next.

Unsurprisingly, I was struggling to keep my résumé to one page.

???? Tip of the Day: Don’t try to make your résumé a laundry list of everything you did. To stand out with your résumé, try these tips:

???? Don’t keep everything in chronological order. You’ll see on my resume I broke it up by corporate experience and then my side hustle work (at first I listed everything chronologically and it felt confusing).

???? Keep everything you didn’t add on your resume on your LinkedIn so you have a record. Or create a separate Google Doc to store it.

???? Consider small design changes. What can you do to help your résumé breathe and help the reviewer read through it more quickly? You’ll see I made small indents on mine which went a long way.

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