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FROM THE ARCHIVE: One Easy Way to Expand Your Network on LinkedIn

When you’re job-searching, it can be easy to start sending LinkedIn connection requests left and right, hoping that the next request will yield a lead to your next role. But many people miss one simple step that immediately ups your chance of an accepted connection request.

???? Tip of the Day: Adding a personalized message is the best way to stand out to strangers in a sea of connection requests.
Below are a few examples of strong messages below that I’ve received in the past few weeks.

✅ Hi Lorraine! I’ve followed you on Linkedin for a long time, and we have a handful of mutual friends including [NAME] and [NAME]. Always love your content, so wanted to connect. Sending you big congrats on launching your consulting biz and best wishes for the holidays!

✅Hey Lorraine! What an awesome work you are doing in the world of career coaching! Let’s connect on Linkedin! 🙂
A few other templates you can use:

✅ Hi [NAME]. I’m a [TITLE] at [COMPANY AND BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOUR WORK]. I’ve been following your content and have found it really valuable as I look to grow my expertise on [TOPIC]. I’d love to connect with you.

✅ Hi [NAME]. Your recent post about [TOPIC] caught my eye. I’m also really passionate about this space and would love to connect and share ideas if you’re open to it.

✅ Hi [NAME]. I noticed we have a few connections in common. I post often about [TOPIC] and would love to connect, follow each other’s work, and see how we may be able to support one another in the future.