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Video Communications Training

Video Communication Skills for Today's Workplace

 This course was created for Stanford Continuing Studies, and is available to individual organizations and teams. This three-part training comes with a comprehensive workbook that provides in-class activities and additional resources to reinforce concepts students can apply to their real-life professional settings and support students in their learning. 

Past students have come from organizations including IBM, Stanford University School of Medicine, Google, and ServiceNow.

Course Rating (Fall 2023)

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The average Stanford course rating is 4.4-4.6/5

About the Course

Duration: 3 Modules (110 Minutes Each)

Virtual and remote work are here to stay, and in the rapidly evolving landscape of the modern workplace, the ability to captivate and excel through video communication has become a game changer. Video communication skills allow professionals to effectively convey their ideas, engage their audience, and build meaningful connections despite physical distance. 

This comprehensive course is designed to equip participants with the tools and techniques necessary to excel in video-based interactions. Through an easily digestible and enjoyable format that uses a combination of lectures, interactive exercises, and feedback from the instructor, you will learn how to leverage the power of nonverbal communication to convey confidence and energy when speaking on camera and curate an impeccable virtual presence. You will be provided with cost-effective technology recommendations to enhance your setup without breaking the bank. 

Additionally, we’ll examine considerations for virtual interactions that keep audiences engaged, whether you’re in a meeting, giving a presentation, creating your own content, or simply catching up with colleagues and friends. You will leave the course with the tools and frameworks to project a captivating online presence that helps you build a competitive advantage in the workplace, stand out among your peers, and forge meaningful professional and personal connections in the digital realm.

Basic familiarity with video communication platforms and equipment is required.

Additional Ways I Can Support Your Team

🌟 A follow up session with Lorraine to answer additional questions and provide continued support to your team

💪🏻 1:1 personalized coaching and support for leaders who want to level up their virtual presence

Class 1: Developing Executive Presence Virtually

  Main Concepts:

  • Introducing the importance of video communication and understanding its benefits and challenges
  • Setting up your virtual space so you feel more confident and look more credible
  • Understanding how to use non-verbal communication to build trust, create a more impactful message, and better connect with others
  • Suggestions of technology and video platform settings to enhance your virtual presence

  Class Exercises: 

  • Set up a virtual space you’ll be proud to show off to coworkers, senior leaders, and clients
  • Practice identifying positive and negative non-verbal communication to better understand what you will want to apply in your own communications

Class Two: Create Engaging Virtual Presentations

  Main Concepts:

  • Considerations when presenting virtually vs. in-person — including why virtual provides new and exciting opportunities
  • The most impactful ways to open and close your presentation so that you capture audience attention during those crucial first few seconds, and close out on a strong and memorable note
  • The 5-Step Presentation Attention Framework, which includes important strategies for all parts of your presentation, including creating your content, designing it, and presenting it

  Class Exercise: 

  • Complete the think/do/feel matrix
  • Re-design a slide that incorporates design best practices
  • Practice breathing + vocal variation
Class Three: Lead Effective Team Meetings

  Main Concepts:

  • Why being great at leading virtual meetings is so important (bad meetings are a billion dollar problem, after all!)
  • 6 frameworks and tips to help you facilitate productive, engaging, and energetic video meetings that leave attendees excited to join your next one

  Class Exercises: 

  • Create a detailed agenda for your next meeting that keeps everyone on track and moves work forward
  • Customize your own Passive to Active Meeting Framework so you know exactly how you want to lead your next meeting
  • Brainstorm how you will ask for and receive feedback to continuously improve
  1. My favorite tech tools list from my client-only vault.
  2. Personalized feedback and support from Lorraine through email.*
    (*Up to 10 students)


Lorraine is a top-rated global keynote speaker, a consultant, and an instructor for Stanford Continuing Studies and LinkedIn Learning. She has 300,000+ LinkedIn followers and 10+ years of experience leading editorial teams at top tech firms.

Lorraine has worked with clients including Zoom, Cisco, Atlassian, and McKinsey and Company. She was named a Top Virtual Speaker by ReadWrite and was also named a finalist for "Global Conference Speaker of the Year" by WomenTech.

She has been featured in publications including Inc.ReadWrite, and Entrepreneur, and received her BSJ from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism.

See what students have to say...

Without a doubt, Lorraine stands out as one of the most exceptional educators I've ever encountered. Her expertise in virtual communication skills is unparalleled, complemented by a genuine passion for teaching. What distinguishes her is the ability to offer practical advice that can be immediately implemented.

I joined the course because I had to prepare for an online pitch competition. When we met 1:1, she shared a few suggestions that I could easily incorporate, and I managed to completely transform my "virtual presence" and achieved outstanding results.

I wholeheartedly recommend collaborating with Lorraine. Her impact goes beyond the classroom, leaving a lasting and positive influence on one's communication skills.

Ivana L.
Biomedical engineer | Stanford Fellow
What truly set Lorraine apart was her profound knowledge of essential skills required for effective video communication, and she effortlessly conveyed complex concepts in a way that was both accessible and enjoyable.

Lorraine shared invaluable techniques for optimizing virtual presence, including insightful tips on a workplace organization, which I found particularly useful and implemented these suggestions right away. The impact was noticeable, not only in the quality of my video presentations but also in how I felt more confident and presentable on camera.

The course's well-structured content, Lorraine's expertise, and the practical applications make it a valuable investment for personal and professional growth.
Artem L.
Software Engineer @ Google
Lorraine's Stanford Continuing Studies course turned my virtual interactions from mundane to magnetic.

Beyond her knowledge was her unwavering support. Questions outside of class? Addressed. Feedback on my virtual presence? Given.

Post-course, the shift in my video communications was profound: more dynamic, more effective. I now seize every video opportunity, ready to illuminate.

But Lorraine’s support didn’t end with the course. Her resource, “The Ultimate LinkedIn Guide for The Busy Professional”, was pivotal for me. If you're serious on elevating your professional presence, Lorraine’s resources are a must.
Trenton G.
Product Manager | Ex-Conde Nast
Professor Lee's engaging teaching style, interactive sessions, and personalized support created a dynamic learning environment. The content was immediately applicable. This led to a noticeable improvement in my virtual communication skills.

I joined this course to bolster my virtual presence in a remote work setting. Professor Lee's engaging teaching style, interactive sessions, and personalized support created a dynamic learning environment. Her extensive knowledge was evident in well-prepared lectures.

The course format and workbook were highly effective. Professor Lee's course is invaluable for anyone looking to excel in virtual communication.
Isabella R.
Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager @ IBM

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