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12 April 2023, Lorraine k. Lee

Issue #42: Why You're Feeling Burnt Out — And How to Fix It

Whenever I hear that someone or someone’s team might be burnt out, the first place I tell them to look is their meetings.

The problem: Many organizations are doing the bare minimum to hold an engaging meeting. An hour-long meeting where someone is sharing their screen with no interaction with their audience isn’t going to cut it. A meeting where there’s no clear goal and conversations go off-topic are going to create a frustrated team, fast. And a meeting that starts and ends late isn’t going to do you any favors either.

It’s essential that we don’t let “good enough” be good enough for this business mainstay.

💡 Tip of the Day: Ensure every meeting you lead has a goal and an agenda (I recommend no more than 3 items for a 30-minute meeting). I had a colleague at LinkedIn who would start every meeting off with the line, “This meeting will be a success if…” While you don’t have to use this exact phrasing, it was a great way to ensure everyone was on the same page before jumping in.

What’s your favorite tip for improving meetings? Reply here and I may feature it in a future email!

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